Business Advisory

The startup and small business marketplace is still a new and fierce frontier that requires expertise and advice from consultants who are deeply entrenched in the particularities of young organizations.  By integrating industry best practices and operational processes, we can provide a holistic approach for your company’s best competitive advantage. 

Career Management Analysis & Coaching

Placing value on human capital is priceless.   Our Career Management analysis guides organizations through the various phases of an employee’s work life, such as, career planning, career development, career ladder promotion, career plateau and career management.  

Recruitment / Team Building

Assess job needs, provide job analysis and create job descriptions to recruit for open positions within your organization.  Create a brand for your organization to attract and attain top talent.  Use various social media channels to stir attention.  

Work Life Balance / Benefits Integration

As part of your employee benefit package or a stand alone benefit, we will assess your company’s culture to prescribe the  a solid work/life integration program.  Companies who offer such work/life benefits often have greater employee satisfaction, less turnover and less called out sick time. This type of benefit usually can be low cost for a company and contribute greatly to the bottom line. 

Training & Coaching

Topics such as Leadership Style, Strategic Thinking, Interpersonal Skills and Executive Coaching fall under our Employee Development training.  Our Compliance Training sessions cover harassment and bullying training modules.  Other training includes soft skills Traning such as Being a First Time Manager and How to Supervise Employees.   Just recently added  is Diversity & Inclusion training. 

Accounting & Administrative Services

In addition to Office management and high level administrative duties, our network consists of CPA's Bookkeepers and financial professionals to help your company.